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Join the EPG

Thank you for your interest in the Edmonton Potter's Guild.


Intake for new members is now closed until December 15


The EPG will intake new potters as spots become available on a twice annual basis (associated with the start of a term - June 15th and December 15 each year).

Please keep an eye on this page for updates.

This where we will post information on available studio spots.

Interested potters please visit again in December

We will not be maintaining a waitlist.

More information below.

More membership info:


Studio membership is for experienced potters who understand the stages of pottery production and can work independently in a studio. As part of the application process you will be asked to summarize or demonstrate your experience working with clay. Be assured this is to confirm your ability to work independently; it is not an evaluation of your artistic skills.


Studio potters enjoy the following:

  • A once-per-week, 4-hour designated time slot where you can make your own handbuilt or wheel thrown pottery

  • Access to approximately 20 glazes

  • High temperature gas firings

  • Additional drop in pottery time at no cost through online sign-up. The Edmonton Potters’ Guild is available to studio potters 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

  • Belonging to a creative and artistic community of potters who enjoy sharing their skills and discussing the art of pottery

  • Workshops

  • Social events

  • Pottery sales



The Edmonton Potters’ Guild is a volunteer-run studio. That means all members must play an active role in the operation of the studio including:

  • Acting as a member in good standing 

  • Committing to ensuring you leave the studio in better condition than you found it

  • Contribute to Guild fundraising activities with your time and donation of pots

  • Cleaning bathrooms as per the rotation schedule

  • In addition to time spent in the studio potting and cleaning up after yourself, studio potters should expect to volunteer a minimum of 1-2 hours per week. Volunteering responsibilities include completing your member job (assigned after orientation), assisting with sales or other activities as they arise, and potentially taking on more substantial roles like being a committee coordinator or Board Director.



Before being provided 24/7 access to the studio, all new studio potters, whether they are new to the EPG or are returning members after some time away, must complete a 6 week orientation period. During this time, you will be matched up with an experienced EPG potter who will orient you to the studio, explain our policies and procedures, and will be in the studio with you to answer any questions you have. You and your buddy can work together to determine a schedule that meets both your needs.



Your designated potting time is a once per week, 4-hour time slot when you are guaranteed access to a wheel. As part of the application process you will be asked to identify options for your designated potting time. Your designated potting time will be confirmed once your orientation period is complete. 


Drop-in pottery is available at no cost and must be signed-up for in advance. A maximum number of drop in spots are available to ensure the studio is not overcrowded. You may use a wheel during drop in pottery if one is available (and it usually is), but potters in the studio during their designated time have first access to the wheels.



Studio fees are $510 + GST for a 6 month term. Fees are collected twice per year: December 15 (for the January to June term) and June 15 (for the July to December term). 


All clay is purchased from EPG at an additional, reasonable price. Potters cannot bring in outside clay or glazes.


Still have questions? 

Please send any questions to

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