our studio is in storage while we search for a new home!


COVID19 has played a significant role in hampering our operating capabilities and our future planning.  Due to COVID19 health and safety protocols within the school, as well as a number of other challenges with our existing space, and our long-held desire to offer more EPG program availability to the local community, we have made a very difficult and extremely emotional decision to vacate our studio home after 68 years of working in the basement of Victoria School. 


We have moved out of the Victoria School studio space and are in the process of identifying a new space.  With this major disruption, comes excitement for limitless new opportunities and growth in creativity for us and for the Edmonton community.  Victoria School and EPSB have been very good to us over the years and we are grateful for their contribution to our longevity.


It is our hope to start up again in some form, in the early months of 2021. We will attempt to post updates as our news unfolds.  

​In the meantime, be kind - these are extraordinary times. Please keep up to date with, and follow, public health guidelines for personal hygiene, wearing masks and social distancing, for your own safety, as well as others.

Adrienne Lamb, Rick Bremness 

CBC News · Posted: Nov 01, 2019 1:56 PM MT

They've been around since 1952, people wait years to get in, and once they've got a spot they stay for decades.   

Why are so many people looking to get their hands dirty at the Edmonton Potters' Guild?





                               MOVING DAY (Oct 3/2020)                                 

               ALL PACKED UP AND MOVED INTO STORAGE               



Since 1952, the Edmonton Potters Guild has given inspiring students and full fledged artists a home to create, share ideas and produce art with some amazing results. Visit our Facebook page for events, notices and all things pottery OR read about our history by selecting the "History of the Guild" tab, to learn more about us.

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