EPG Pottery Instructor Opportunity:

Saturday Beginner Class



The Edmonton Potters’ Guild (EPG) is looking for a pottery instructor for a weekly, 3-hour pottery class of approximately 12 individuals on Saturday mornings. The EPG operates a fall term (running approximately September to January) and spring term (running approximately February to June). This position will begin with the start of the spring term February 2, 2019.


The successful candidate will:

  • Develop a 15-week course outline for each term and submit to the EPG executive for approval;

  • Provide hands on demonstrations and individual support to potters with a wide range of pottery skills and experiences from beginner to experienced; and

  • Be fully aware of the safe operating procedures of all EPG equipment and facilities and promote safe potting practise.


As an instructor you will also:

  • Support and promote the policies, practices, and programs of the EPG; and

  • Familiarize members and students with the policies, practices, and programs of the EPG.


Skills and Experience:

  • Experienced potter with familiarity working with different clay bodies, throwing and hand building styles, and glazing techniques.

  • Strong fundamental throwing and hand building techniques for beginner level skill building.

  • Familiarity with the operations of a pottery studio, including firing practices for different types of kilns, glaze ingredients and mixing (while instructors will not be preparing glazes, knowledge of the process is valuable), and operation of different styles and brands of pottery wheels.

  • Experience with high fire clay and glazes is an asset.

  • The interview will include a demonstration of pottery skills and a presentation of the candidate’s portfolio of work.



  •  $33.00/hour for instruction time and class prep time (3.5 hours per week).

  • Up to three boxes per term of clay for demonstration purposes.

  • Can purchase additional clay at current EPG pricing.



Please submit your application in confidence to Sandra Johnston, Vice President Edmonton Potters’ Guild at edmontonpottersguild@gmail.com  by  January 9, 2019.