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EPG Membership offers access to a unique institution where

  • novice potters can train along side skilled craftspeople

  • qualified instructors offer classes for various levels of proficiency

  • tips and techniques are shared among members

  • an extensive collection of library materials is maintained

  • a large, fully equipped pottery studio is available to all members

Benefits of Membership

  • class instruction/studio time in a fully-equipped studio

  • access to various levels of expertise and a myriad of styles

  • broad range of clay bodies and glazes

  • all firings are conducted by qualified, experienced, firing technicians

  • firing and glazing costs are incorporated into the cost of clay

  • opportunities for participation in various workshops

With 84 members, four instructors and two technicians, the pottery styles produced at EPG are very diverse.  Our membership is comprised of various skill levels - from beginner and intermediate students through to advanced potters.  We are extremely fortunate to have so many uniquely talented individuals working together under one umbrella. 


Membership Fees & Classes

Membership in the Edmonton Potters' Guild is open to all adults.  EPG membership is included in the fees charged for each term of instructed or studio classes. 


The EPG runs 2 terms per potting year (September to end of June). 

Instructed classes - 15 weeks/term


        $325/term; 2 sets of classes/term

        -- Wednesday evenings

        -- Saturday mornings  


        $325/term; Tuesday evenings


        $285/term; Thursday evenings

        --instruction for only half term

Studio classes - 18 weeks/term

(no instruction - advanced potters only)

        $240/term; 3 sets of classes/term

        --Monday evenings,

        --Tuesday & Wednesday mornings


Fees are non-refundable and do not include the cost of clay.  All clay must be purchased through the EPG and pots must be made within the studio.

***NOTE:  EPG does not accept drop-in potters or firing of any work prepared outside of our guild membership. ***

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Registration Waiting List  

Thank you for your interest in joining the Edmonton Potters' Guild. All of our available studio memberships are currently taken and our waiting list continues to be quite lengthy. As of Aug 1, 2021, our waiting list is now closed and we are not accepting new requests to join the waiting list at this time. Please continue to check back for updates. We appreciate your understanding.
--Membership Coordinator